Friday, March 21, 2003
Don't jump in front of bulldozers

The death on Sunday of an American "protester" in Israel has really brought out a lot of passions from people here in the US. She went there knowing damn well that there is a war going on. She made the decision to go regardless, and paid the ultimate price.

And we now get this glowing biography of the idiot from none other than the LA Times:

Activist Had Soft Spot for Underdogs (Catchy header, eh?)

Peace advocate Rachel Corrie is remembered as having 'a heart too big to hold,' which makes her death in the Gaza Strip all the more cruel.

Apparently her heart was so full of anger and hatred that it became too big to hold.

She stood in the way of a bulldozer that was about to wreck a Palestinian home. Depending on whose version you believe, the bulldozer was either digging out bombs (Israel's version) or razing neighborhoods for a new wall that Israel wants to build (the Palestinian version).

Right, Israel just feels like building a wall, so they are arbitrarily knocking down homes to do so. It has nothing to do with the terrorists who are illegally smuggling arms over the Egypt border into Gaza, and then taking them into Israel to kill civilians on buses. Those unreasonable, heartless Israelis.

Just as military vehicles did in Manila when, during the 1986 "people's revolution," nuns handed out flowers to the machine-gunners. Just as the column of tanks did in Tiananmen Square in 1989, when a lone man, broadcast worldwide on television, stood in the path and brought the war machines to a standstill.

These are examples of "moral" militaries who were confronted by innocents. Right. Israel is no China. Israel is no Philippines. And Ms. Corrie was no "peace" activist. The difference in these situations is that she took the side of the terrorists. Had she been bombed on a bus in Tel Aviv, then perhaps we could make these comparisons. This is so painfully obvious, I'm getting annoyed writing this.

Friends describe Corrie as athletically slender with blond hair and thoughtful, intelligent eyes. She was attractive in a plain-spoken way, the opposite of flashy, not working to call attention to herself.

Uh huh.

The pictures are interesting (sorry for linking to sfindymedia-- blecht). They show her standing clearly in front of the bulldozer, then they show her bulldozed. Where are the photos of the time in between? Could they be missing because she did something royally stupid that would clearly show that the operator was in no way responsible? It has been reported that she sat down (or fell) on the mound of dirt just before she was run over. Look at the bulldozer, and tell me about the visual clarity from the driver's seat. Any normal human being would probably assume that normal human beings would get out of the way.

What people don't seem to get is that she was there providing aid and comfort to terrorists. She has condoned the actions of the murderers of innocent Israeli women, children and men. She burned a mock up of an American flag among Palestinian children (for somebody who is allegedly preaching peace, she sure didn't do anything end the culture of hate and violence that is the Palestinian way.) She never once spoke out for the innocent Israelis being murdered on a daily basis. She presented her "facts" as though Israel is the aggressor, taking action that is unprovoked, the goal being "ethnic cleansing". She neglects to acknowledge that Israel has an obligation to protect her citizens, and nothing has worked as effectively as lock-downs and tightly secured border crossings. She cites the history of "Palestine" as the basis for the Israelis not having the right to be on that sliver of land (she obviously has not read the Bible, or any history pre-700 AD). The situation is unfortunate, but clearly it is in the hands of the Palestinians.

She made the misguided decision to get in the way of the Israeli fight against terrorists. The bulldozer she confronted was clearing brush, not homes. The bulldozer operator cannot be made responsible for the dangerous behavior of an ignorant idiot. When you choose to take the side of evil, nothing good can come from it. Rachel Corrie chose her path and met her fate.

I'll save my tears for the innocent Israelis who will inevitably become the next victims of the terrorists she called friend.

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