Tuesday, March 11, 2003
Charlie Hustle

Please, please, please! Baseball needs to ease the ban on Pete Rose and finally give him the credit he deserves as one of the greatest baseball players in recent history. So he is a failure at life-- does it matter in baseball, when you're talking about the player with the most hits ever? He was the epitome of a sportsman and everything that present-day players are not. When he was walked, he ran. When he turned third base, the catcher at home plate would hold his breath and pray. He played to win, and he made baseball exciting to watch.

It's time to end this travesty. Keep him banned from managing forever, for all I care. But the guy deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. If the wife-beater Ty Cobb is there, then why not Rose? His crime hurt nobody but himself-- I actually feel sorry for him. Why do the commissioners feel the need to preach about morals? Take a look around baseball and show me a player who has clean hands. Why did the Hall of Fame adjust the rules in 1990 to keep ineligible players out of the Hall? Could it be because they wanted to keep Rose out? A ban of a few years is understandable, but 14 years is long enough. The Hall is supposed to honor great careers, not judge the off-field (late career) shenanigans of players. His crime was gambling, for crying out loud!! The fans have already voted him in with a lengthy ovation at the All Century ceremony at the '99 World Series, and isn't this all about the fans? Let's hope they do the right thing and make him eligible for the Hall once and for all. Time's running short and it would be terribly sad to allow this window to close.

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