Wednesday, March 12, 2003
Campus life, 2003

Another example of the irreproachable ways of the anti-war crowd and America's "intellects":

College to Apologize for Anti-War Credit

It's unbelievable what is becoming of college campuses lately. This example is blatantly obvious, but this kind of thing is going on all over our country in much more subtle ways. I don't recall any of this type of politicking from my professors while I was in school (that's not to say there wasn't plenty of it on campus!) If it had happened, I would have raised hell. The beauty of this is that this speech professor used her position of power over students' futures to push forward her agenda, be it her anti-war stance or her rally to avoid the unemployment line. She actually punished students who didn't agree with her politics. That the professors' union believes she hasn't been given "due process" is a total joke, and indicative of their own agenda. Due process? It's pretty clear what she did. She abused her position. Period. I don't want my tax dollars funding political agendas in schools. But one has to ask: is leave with pay seriously considered punishment? She throws ethics out the window, and now she gets a paid vacation, courtesy of my taxes?? She should be forced to memorize the US Constituion, then fired. I don't care if this is Harvard, Penn State, or Citrus College. This nonsense cannot be tolerated any longer.

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