Thursday, March 06, 2003
Blair + MTV

Prime Minister Blair faces his Parliament for a grilling every week. Why do I think he was able to handle the snot-nosed twenty-somethings on MTV, no problem? Regardless, I want to see this when they air it in the US (schedule).

Bart Woord, 19, said that if anything had changed his anti-war stance, it was not Blair but the audience members from Iraq. "It was particularly shocking to hear what they have been through. That made me understand a little more the need to act quickly," Woord said after the debate.

One of those Iraqis, Ammar Hassan, had praise for Blair's "courage and leadership" and a plea for him to remove Saddam from power.

"People are dying as we speak. Iraq is under fire, and I want you to stop the flame, and that is Saddam Hussein," said Hassan, 23, who came to Britain from Baghdad in 1988. "Can you guarantee me that this is going to happen and that the liberation of Iraq will be for the good of humankind and it is a civilized and moral issue?"

Right there, that quote is precisely the reason that you will never see an Iraqi exile at an "anti-war" (or anti-world-peace) rally. Never.

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