Thursday, March 27, 2003

I wonder if this is part of the Jewish conspiracy that seems to have a stranglehold on all things in America, such as our foreign policy, the media bias, and even ~gasp!~ the Academy Awards:

Anti-Semitism reported up
Attacks on Jews in Bay Area set record last year

The disgusting anti-Semitism displayed in the Bay Area last year, especially Berkeley, was astounding. They were aggressively critical of Israel's response to the Passover massacre, while not saying a word about the massacre itself. They heavily criticized Israel for the stand-off at the Church of the Nativity, while forgetting that it was the Palestinian terrorists who desecrated one of the holiest Christian sites and counted on the morality and respect of the IDF to keep them safe inside. They justify terrorist bombings inside Israel with the "illegal settlements" argument-- as if putting up a building is morally equivalent to killing women and children. The moral equivalence, in short, is disgusting and totally bizarre. And what is scary is that so many Americans buy into it 100%, as was grotesquely displayed last year at the pro-Palestinian rallies, and to this day at the "anti-war" protests.

Then again, Palestinian "self-defense" is understandable when they are faced every day with the humiliation of the horrible, morally bankrupt IDF. We'll just overlook the fact that Palestinians started a war they knew they couldn't win, they kill Israeli civilians to make a political point (but we won't call that terrorism), and they don't just want the wasteland of Gaza and the West Bank-- no, they want ALL of Israel. And they would not hesitate to kill every last Israeli Jew to get it. Not because they want the land, but because they hate Jews and can't stand the thought of the Jewish pollution that is the great state of Israel.

If somebody tells you that these people are just anti-Israel, I would take it with a crystal of Kosher sea salt. There is a fine, blurry line between hating Israel and hating Jews, and most people do not hesitate to cross it. Then they hide behind the "Israel is an occupying aggressor" blanket. To stand with the Palestinians in such a forceful, hateful way (as so many did last year), is to stand with those who want to exterminate the Jews. But don't worry, once the Jews are taken care of, they'll move on to every other non-Moslem religion. Count on it. Lucky for all non-Jews and non-Moslems, the Jewish people will never again roll over to the aggressors that would wipe us out.

A final point related to this war: Saddam Hussein has been funding Palestinian terrorism for years. Note the "word" on the "Palestinian" street. They celebrated our POWs and fallen troops, and rally with Iraqi flags and pictures of Saddam, while burning American and Israeli flags. They know that a large source of their terrorism funding is about to disappear. If you believe that ousting Saddam will NOT make the region and the world safer, then why don't you take a ride on an Israeli bus. Then tell me how safe you feel.

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